Who’s who

Yes, it’s my real name.

Louie Williams
  • Branding and Logo Design 100%
  • Collateral Design 100%
  • PowerPoint 100%
  • Infographics 100%
  • Production Management 100%

Louie Williams

Principal | Director of Creative Services

I love problem-solving, talking strategy and seeing a plan come together. Winning at Rummikub and letting loose in Dance Jam also rank right up there.

In more than 25 years as an art director and graphic designer, I have owned my own design firm and worked on both the client and agency sides before co-founding SHiFT almost 12  years ago. My experience includes projects ranging in scope from initial brand thinking and logo design for a start-up, to strategy, planning and implementation of full-on multimedia campaigns for the State of Colorado. The call-outs and percents in the red boxes to the left reflect my skills and experience levels in various areas. And although my work has won numerous awards, client satisfaction counts for more in my book.

Speaking of books, my favorite is The Martian Chronicles, by Ray Bradbury. Still.